Green Guard Fanfold Siding Insulation Reduces Home Energy Costs

Preventing cold outside air from entering your home starts with your siding insulation. Custom Remodelers, Inc. installs Green Guard foil backed fanfold insulation behind their siding projects to provide a level, smooth surface for installation. The efficient insulation also serves as an air infiltration barrier that prevents outside air from causing inefficiencies in your home climate. You can improve the aesthetic of your siding, increase the effectiveness of your insulation and reduce your environmental impact with one simple product.

Environmentally Sustainable
The cost saving measures of good insulation beneath your siding also impact your environmental footprint. Preventing cold air from penetrating your home means you will use less fuel or electricity to heat your house, giving you a greener lifestyle. The foil backed barrier acts as a vapor barrier and helps to reflect heat back into your home, boosting the effectiveness of your insulation.

CRI’s insulation installers use Green Guard foil backed fanfold insulation because of its reputation in the green building community and because of its measurable results.

Green Guard fanfold insulation benefits the environment in the following ways: Contains no dyes, formaldehyde or ozone-depleting HCFCs

  1. It is made locally in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, approximately 90 miles from the Twin Cities
  2. Manufactured using post-consumer and post-industrial materials
  3. ENERGY STAR qualified
  4. It is manufactured using 30% recycled content and is 100% recyclable
  5. Can contribute toward LEED credit requirements
  6. Does not leach toxic chemicals or heavy metals
  7. Helps prevent and reduce mold or mildew growth
  8. Contains a 100% recyclable foam core
  9. Long-term thermal performance conserves energy and saves you money
  10. Regional manufacturing reduces the environmental impact of transportation

Cost Effective
CRI uses the finest insulation products on the market, but that doesn’t always mean they are the most expensive. Green Guard fanfold insulation reduces re-cover board material costs by 25-50 percent when compared to wood fiber and gypsum-based products. It also has the potential to reduce insulation labor costs by more than 50 percent.

Durable & Versatile
Green Guard’s fanfold insulation is designed to provide a durable, smooth surface for your new siding while saving you money and reducing your energy use. That’s a tough bill to fit for any other form of siding insulation on the market.
Green Guard fanfold insulation uses:

  1. Extruded polystyrene foam for extreme stiffness, providing a smooth finish to install your new siding over.
  2. Plastic facers on both sides, doubling the underlayment’s durability.
  3. Perforation patterns to allow moisture and vapor to escape without causing build up that can lead to the accumulation of mold and mildew.
  4. Optional perforated reflective facers that enhance thermal performance.

Have Custom Remodelers, Inc. install Green Guard foil backed fanfold insulation on your home today. Our siding and insulation experts are on call to upgrade your siding and start saving you money.